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Wire Forms typically are parts made from round wire that are bent to have specific angles and lengths.  Most springs have a helix or spiral shape consisting of a group of coils, and wire forms typically do not. 

Wire Diameter
We manufacture wire forms with a wire diameter of 0.008” all the way up to 0.500” (0.20 mm to 12.7 mm). 

Material Type
The most common material types for wire forms are cold rolled steel, stainless steel, and hard drawn.  We use all types of material,

Industries Served

We make wire forms and springs that go into many applications for different industries that require high quality parts with tight tolerances.  Many spring companies focus on big multi-million piece orders from automotive and appliances.  Most of our business comes from orders with quantities from 1 to 500,000 pieces.  We provide superior service to these “smaller” orders.  They are not small quantities to you or to us.  Even if your production parts will be produced with another vendor, we can make your rapid prototype springs and wire forms
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