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Production Services

RushSpring & Wire Form Service:- 
          Our standard lead-time is 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the complexity of your part.  When you need parts in less than 2 weeks, ask us for Rush Service.  We will let you know if we can meet your rush requirements and what the additional charge will be.

Secondary Spring & Wire Form Operations :-
Grind :- The ends of some compression springs are ground flat to improve squareness and reduce buckling during operation.  We grind compression springs (ground ends) with wire diameters as low as .008” and up to .148”.  Squared and ground springs are normally supplied with a bearing surface of 270 degrees to 330 degrees.  Additional grinding results in thin sections

Thread :- Your application may call for the end of your wire form to be threaded, so a knob or bolt can be assembled to it.

Chamfer :-
Some wire forms have one or both ends chamfered to remove any sharp edges or to make the ends tapered.

Swage :- Some wire forms have a section squeezed to create a protuberance from the wire.

Drill :- Some wire forms require a hole drilled through.  Some holes require a counter-bore.

Tap :- We can create an internal screw thread on your wire form.
Machine :-  We can cut a groove into your wire form.

Weld   :-  We can weld the ends of your wire forms together.

Spring & Wire Form Finishing Services  :-
Stress Relieve :-  A low temperature heat treatment given to springs and wire forms to relieve residual stresses produced by prior cold forming.  This improves the spring’s or wire form’s shape memory to spring back to its formed shape and resist taking a set.

Heat Treat :-  For special heat treating at temperatures above stress relieving, such as anneal, austemper, harden and temper, vacuum heat treat, and ferritic nitrocarburize, we use qualified heat treat companies that are located within 15 minutes drive for quick service.

Shot Peen :-  This service blasts the surface of spring material with steel or glass pellets to induce compressive stresses that improve fatigue life.

Tumble :-  This service shines the parts and removes sharp edges.

Plate :-  The most common plating requests we receive are listed below.   If you don’t see your plating requirement, just ask for it and we will get it done.

  • .    Anodize (clear and various colors)
  • .    Black Oxide
  • .    Cadmium Plate (clear, yellow, blue, red, black, olive drab)
  • .    Chrome
  • .    Chromate (Clear, black, yellow, olive drab)
  • .    Copper
  • .    Electroless Nickel
  • .    Electrolytic Nickel Plate (bright, dull)
  • .    Tin Plate (bright, dull)
  • .    Zinc electroplating (clear, black, yellow, green, red, and blue)

Powder Coat :-  Numerous colors.

Passivate :-  Acid treatment of stainless steel to remove contaminants and improve corrosion resistance. Recommended for medical and food industries.

Electropolish :- Has best results on 300 series stainless steels.  Brightens, removes burrs, and passivates.

Dye or Paint  :-  We use ITW Dykem or Dell Marking Systems dye to color code your parts in any color at your request.

Bake Enamel :-Assorted colors.

Plastic Coat :-  We can plastic coat your parts in various colors.

Spring & Wire Form Assembly Services :-   We can assemble your mating part to the spring or wire form for you.  You can reduce the number of components that you have to purchase and inventory as well as reduce your assembly cost.

Special Packaging for Springs & Wire Forms :-    We can pack the springs or wire forms on tack board or layer them between sheets of cardboard to minimize tangling.  We can also bag the springs or wire forms in smaller quantities to match your batch production runs.  Our special packaging services will facilitate your assembly and shipping processes.

Engineering Services

Rapid Prototyping :-   We can quickly make 1 to 100 pieces to test your design.  If you need high quality parts in a short lead time and you want to speak to a knowledgeable engineer who will quickly respond to you, we can help you.

Spring and Wire Form Design Review :-   We will use our experience and software to suggest improvements or cost savings to your design.  We will work with your engineers to help solve problems you are having with your spring or wire form.  Many times we can quickly solve your problem if we see the mating part of where the spring or wire form functions.

Spring & Wire Form Capability Analysis :-   When the Process Capability Index or Cpk is less than one, the process is referred to as incapable. When the Cpk is greater than or equal to one, the process is considered capable of producing a product within specification limits.  We analyze this data to see what kind of tolerances we can hold or where we need to make adjustments to improve the run. 

Quality Services

Spring & Wire Form Quality Assurance :-   Our quality policy is to continuously improve our processes to make purchasing custom springs and wire forms as easy and fast as possible for the customer. Our customers want fast quotes, quick order acknowledgments, speedy answers to their questions and delivery date changes in addition to good parts delivered on time.  So we look at improving the entire purchasing experience for our customers.

Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) and First Article Inspection Reports (FAIR) :-  With Production Part Approval Process, or PPAP, we document our ability to meet all of your specifications and requirements in a production run environment.  Completion of the PPAP documents means that we are ready to go to production with your part. With a First Article Inspection Report, or FAIR, we document the measurements of all dimensions on the drawing for 3 pieces and include the method of measurement.  A PPAP or FAIR is helpful for first piece part approval.  Before going to full production, we both agree to what you are going to receive

Spring & Wire Form Certifications :-  Some of our customers require Certificates of Compliance, Material Certifications, or Finish Certifications (for plating, heat treating, etc.).  Just let us know your document requirements when you make a Request For Quote and Purchase Order.

Logistics Services

JIT Delivery for Springs and Wire Forms :-  Order a blanket order that covers your annual quantity requirements.  You get a larger quantity price break and you release parts for delivery when you need them, just in time.  Some of our customers call, fax, or e-mail the release quantity, and we make sure they receive their parts within 1 week.  We check some customers’ inventory on-line and make sure their stocks of springs and wire forms stay within their pre-determined minimum and maximum levels.  Take your business to the next level with a strategic partnership in JIT delivery

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